How To Thrive In Your Social Life After College

social life after college.png

Just about everyone is familiar with the classic line “college is the best years of your life”. No wonder why many people assume once you graduate your social life is over. The turnup is easy to find on college campuses, even religious universities. You can literally not be looking for the next move and still stumble upon it whether it be the flyers plastered on the student center walls, local party promoters sliding in your DMs or strangers approaching you with the news.

I didn’t start making an effort to get out the of the house until my senior year. I made new friends, went to a lot of events and created amazing memories. This new self-discovery, however, was bittersweet. I felt in my prime, but I knew that college would be ending for me shortly and I was kicking myself in the butt for just now deciding to break out of my shell.

It turns out I had nothing to worry about! My social life after I graduated expanded. Not immediately, I did move back to my hometown (which is a ghost town) for a year and underwent postgraduate depression. The following year when I moved right outside of my college town and into my apartment things picked up drastically. I gained several close relationships, mostly with people I saw in passing around campus. It amazes me how I’ve been able to still make friends who are connected to my alma mater after being out of school for 2 years.

Your social life after college doesn’t have to die, but it is different. You have to be more intentional and understanding. In college, it's likely that all of your friends live in the same dorm or very close proximity and a lot of students have little to no responsibilities. After college people have grown up jobs and bills to match. People move away. This means friends get busy and can’t intend every function or forget to check in because life is moving so fast. Try not to be offended by this. Realize that springing last minute plans on your friends might not work like they used to. Try using a planner. Also, check on your friends. Life moves fast, but It does not take long to text “Hey”.

Another thing that’s different is the nightlife. One of my fave things is going to African parties. It gives me a chance to get connected to a different culture and meet a variety of people. At these grown folks parties, you can very well be dancing or drinking with older and more established people that you can network with. That's a win; win to me. Also, it's a relief that people don't take themselves so seriously. College parties are more about flexing than having any real fun. Surprisingly older people really party. They don't care if they dance or dress the best. They just want to dance, drink and laugh. Speaking as a person who dresses for comfort and is not the best dancer, this makes the atmosphere so much better.

The nightlife after college is boarder than parties. There are brunches, festivals, ratchet events, grown and sexy events and more. I find myself trying more things I've never done before. Maybe because in college you tend to stay the hub of your campus or your college town and don't really look around to see what else is offered to you. However, unlike in college nobody is going to knock on your door and invite you out. But don’t worry staying in the loop isn’t hard. Just check out Facebook's event section, or follow the creatives in your city (cause they will more than likely be putting on the events) on social media.

If you find yourself missing being a part of a cause you can join organizations. A lot of times there are adult versions of the organizations that were offered at colleges. I know people who joined a Greek Letter Organization after college. There are also professional organizations that you can join that pertain to your career field. It'll help you get familiar with people in your industry which is important because most jobs are dependent on who you know. If you're just interested in something fun you can join book clubs or whatever else suits your interest. Google organizations in your area.

Your post grad social life is dependent on a lot of things like your locations, finances and such but it also depends on you. When I graduated I knew that I wanted to continue to blossom and not live life within my 4 walls. Someone else who lived life to the fullest while in college might decide to draw back after graduation. The great thing about life is that you can shape it however you want.