Getting Out Of Your Head And Reaching Your Dreams

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I'm a day dreamer. That should be no real surprise -- most creatives are. Although I love my vivid imagination at the beginning of 2017 I vowed that I didn't want to just dream, I wanted to live it. I haven't accomplished all the goals that I set out to reach this year, but I am proud to say I never lost sight of my motto and I did hit a few goals. I finally got my own apartment, I'm working as a full-time entrepreneur and I launched Negus Graduate. This is the first year that I can reflect and can give myself a pat on the back and not my usual feeling of guilt that another dull year has passed me by. 

Now that the new year is coming I know that everyone is thinking about what resolutions they will set. This year I won't be setting any new resolutions since I already have a list of goals that I am working on. 2017 has taught me a lot about goal setting. I found myself writing things down a lot more than containing it all in my head. I did a lot more of working to accomplish my goals than just talking about them. I believe that my mindset change contributed to the major wins I received this year.

If you want to reach your dream it can't just stay a dream. Dreaming in itself is not damaging, but I had to learn that if that's where you stop that's more than likely all you'll ever have -- just a dream. It's totally okay to dream, but dreams don't mean anything if you don't have any motivation or a plan.

My first step to goals setting starts with a day dream, but from there I move to a visual ad. Visual ads give me a clear incentive as to why I'm doing what I'm doing. Although realistically speaking I know some of my visual ads might not be exactly how things look in my life when I accomplish my goal(s) the general idea still helps. For example I know that I want to relocate so I look at pictures and read articles about the area that I want to move to. I have private Pinterest boards that I have created for things that I want in life that I look at from time to time when I feel like my vision is blurry. It's a great way to remind myself that what I want is out there, but I have to work towards it.

Visual ads also help me practice a skillset within the law of attraction that I learned called "acting as if". I thought the law of attraction was b.s. at first, but since practicing it a lot of things have been working out for me without having to force it. Acting as if is an exercise where you allow yourself to act as if you already have received the things that you desire. One way that I practice it is by acting as if I already have the man in my life that I feel I deserve. Sometimes I tell myself things that I know I'd like to hear from a significant other. I get dressed up sexy from time to time. Things like that. I have definitely seen the difference within myself because the more I act as if the less I am willing to settle for a guy who doesn't treat me the way I'm already treating myself and expect my future husband to do so. 

From visual ads and acting as if, comes research and goal setting. Researching is not always fun, but I learned the hard way in 2016 that you can't just see it in your head and think things will pan out for you. It's great to have faith, but that doesn't mean throw away knowledge. With research you learn what it's going to actually take to reach your vison and therefore set a goal. One of my top visons as of now is to get financially stable. I had to read a lot of finance articles to figure out what exactly that looks like for me. After all of the reading I was then able to write down how much money I need to charge for services, how much I need to save and so on to reach my goals.

Next I create small daily and weekly tasks to reach my goals. A lot of times we fail at reaching our goals is because we are too big pictured and act as though we are going to wake up with our goal complete. You get to a goal a day of small tasks at a time. I have a vision to be financially stable and one of my goals within that vision is to keep all of my bank accounts at a certain amount of money. Certain tasks that I need to reach this goal include: creating a website portfolio for my services so I can get more clients, opening up a business account so that my taxes can be on track and enrolling in apps and rewards cards that allow me to save money. 

From there it's all about putting in the work, because no matter how dope your plan is if you're not working it, it won't matter. Living out your dreams ain't easy. There are days when I'm motivated and I feel like I'm on my grown woman making boss moves and there are days when I feel like what if I never reach a certain goal or that I'm just not up to do all of the tedious tasks that it takes to reach my goals. It's definitely not easy trying to build a brand, get financially stable as an entrepreneur and save up for moving at the same time. But I always remind myself that this combination of a healthier mindset is what helped me reach many of my latest goals. 

Brittany Sharnez