Get Him To The Greek: Finding The Right Home

Greek life.png

Often times I am asked my Greek Life experience and what it was like during my time at the University of Central Arkansas. I had always known that Greek Life was a thing since growing up with family members who are part of the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC). However, I wasn’t sure if that was the route for me because I hadn’t done any research to have an educated opinion on the matter prior to attending UCA. Once I got to UCA, I was approached by a member of Beta Upsilon Chi Christian fraternity who I knew from my hometown of Texarkana, TX.

He introduced me to his brothers who caught my attention with growing up in a Christian household and having the bond of brothers who I could do life with and grow spiritually in my faith. I joined Beta Upsilon Chi (BYX) an Independent Greek Council (at the time of my joining) fraternity in the fall of 2013, which was the first time that deferred rush until the spring semesters at UCA had been lifted, so the intake numbers were huge and a big deal to rush first semester of your freshman year. I grew fond of members of the fraternity, but didn’t click with all of my chapter brothers, like normal. I abided by all the rules and did my part to be the best version of myself that I knew to be while still upholding the moral and Christian values of the fraternity.

After realizing soon after joining, in the spring semester that not every member valued the fraternity the same way I viewed it as such, I decided to disaffiliate from the organization and dropped the organization in the summer of 2014.

I remained a GDI (Gosh Dang Independent) for 2 years during sophomore and junior year and was faced with many hardships and tough decision. I often contemplated whether or not I wanted to pursue joining NPHC or to remain in my current state as not being affiliated with Greek Life. After giving it thought, I waited and decided it wasn’t for me and that I would just finished out my collegiate years as I had done so since dropping my letters.

Senior year my fall semester, nationals from Alpha Sigma Phi (Alpha Sig) fraternity came to campus with interest in recruiting guys to join as Founding Fathers as the Eta Zeta chapter. With hopes of seeing Alpha Sig chartered on campus and joining the Interfraternity Council (IFC) Greek Life system at UCA, I joined the brotherhood and at the end of the semester, was initiated as a brother in the bond. Since the spring semester, I was put in leadership roles and immediately active with being a participant in seeing the fraternity grown and be successful. Having a group of brothers who are diverse in racial, religious, orientation, etc. status & more was the most amazing thing. Being part of a brotherhood nationally that still celebrates the differences that makes each of us unique and together complete is something I had only thought of, but didn’t know to be true until I experienced it for myself.

Deciding to join Greek Life, again during my senior year was a great decision for me and one that I’ll be proud of. The networking opportunities have been incredibly, as well as being able to share a special bond with brothers who are privileged to say we’re America’s 10th oldest collegiate fraternity, ever. Dec. 6, 1845 is forever ago and yet the legacy continues to live on & on.

Silence, Charity, Purity, Honor and Patriotism are pillars of my beloved fraternity that I strive to carry out daily. Having the support of brothers who encourage me to be my best self goes a long way. Even now as being a graduate brother of Alpha Sig, I’m still fortunate enough to give back to the fraternity that was able to do so much for me in just a years’ time span, by being the Standards Advisor. This brotherhood has shown me that it doesn’t matter how long you’re part of something, as long as your benefit from the organization by whatever you put into it and get from the organization itself.