The Negative Effects Of Dealing With A Trash Job

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On my journey to reaching my goals I've had several temporary jobs that I hated so much my job searching days started to look hella sexy. Some days were really rough. Even knowing I would receive a paycheck wasn't enough to perk me up. It led me to wonder what it's like to be in the shoes of others who have dedicated 5 years or more to a job they hated. Being at a job I hated for even a short period of time caused me to get acquainted with many negative emotions. I've come to the conclusion that having a job that's not the right fit for you can effect a large portion of your life outside of work.

Nasty Attitude

Having a job that you hate can cause your worst self to show up. I've seen a very nice, cheerful person turn into one ready to pop off even if you breathe in their direction. It can arise from many things: unprofessionalism, rude customers, negative coworkers and just simply not doing what you love or even like to do. What we intake on a daily basis matters and being in a negative environment for several hours throughout the day is sure to rub off on you one way or another. What makes matters even worst is when that behavior transcends into your personal life and causes issues there as well.


Stress is usually the core of why people have a nasty attitude on the job. I have experienced stress from workmostly due to unprofessionalism like having to chase down mangers for my paycheck and not knowing my schedule in advance. From a health standpoint stress can be horrendous on your daily life. You can definitely lose sleep over a job you hate when your mind is busy playing out your to-do list. Have you ever laid in bed trying to fall asleep and all you're thinking is how you're already ready to come home tomorrow? It can also be an excuse to indulge in bad habits such as smoking, stress eating or throwing regular pity parties. Stress can also have you looking a hot mess with breakouts and hair thinning. The one positive I can say about the stress I experienced was wanting so badly to never have to work for anyone else that it motivated me to work on my own projects once I clocked out. 

Relationship Killers

People can unintentionally take the baggage of stress and a nasty attitude into their personal lives. Sometimes it can show up in the form of lashing out at others and sometimes it can just be you isolating yourself. When you're not operating within your purpose are you really giving others your best self? Most people link their confidence to their jobs (although we probably shouldn't). Being unemployed can make you feel embarrassed and like a failure. Having a job is an improvement, because at least you are making money, but it's not a cure all. The wrong job can have you feeling untalented, unmotivated and insecure which can manifest in your personal life. You really don't want to be going off on people who care about you for things out of their control. I have had people I don't know that well go off on me for next to nothing because they are so miserable at their job. You got to be careful about who you're snapping at, just watch Undercover Boss. 

In the end I understand why some people feel obligated to stay tied to a job that they hate. When you have responsibilities like a family and bills doing what you love to do seems unimportant and farfetched. My suggestion is to still find your purpose and go after it. No matter what career path you take there will always be tough days. Even as I am on my journey as a rising writer/entrepreneur there have been some stressful and long days. The difference between having a rough day doing what you're meant to do and working a job that you hate is the fulfillment you get knowing that you are living and not just existing. So find a way to get to your purpose and it's okay if it means temporarily working at a place you dislike. Just remember to not become complacent. Keep your goal(s) in mind daily, get that coin and get out before they drive you crazy and defer your dreams. 


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