How To Have A Social Media Detox While Building A Brand

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When you're building a brand, social media is no longer just something you do; it's a part of your job. It's important to stay active on social media in order to grow your audience, stay relevant and stay connected. By day I'm a contracted social media manager for 2 business. Not to mention I also have my own brands I have to run: my personal brand and NG. My days are filled with following and unfollowing, creating original graphics, studying similar accounts, reading comments, finding the best hashtags and a long list of other tasks. 

The fact that I get paid to help people get recognized via social media is still crazy to me. I'm what you call a late adapter, yet whenever I finally got on board I ended up getting up thousands of followers. People started to take notice and I learned that I could actually get paid to do something that I started out putting no effort into. From there are started taking internships and classes to beef up my skills. After gradating getting an adult adult job has been hard so working with social media has been a blessed loophole to allow me to create a source of income. I love being able to work from home and I really do enjoy learning more about marketing via social media, but sometimes I need a break.

Social media has taught me how ignorant and miserable people really are. A person can post the most innocent pictures or videos and people will comment the nastiest things. Everyone's favorite thing to say it "well it's my opinion", but do you know how annoying it would be if we walked around saying our unsolicited opinions on everything in real life? It annoys me that people think it's their right to express their opinion, but no one is allowed to challenge said opinion. At the same time I also hate that people act as though everything should be up for debate. I think Facebook comments are the worst. It alone has changed how I viewed my relationship with social media. Then there's also the comparison syndrome and being so plugged in that you can't appreciate what's going on around you. 

I decided I need to make changes when it comes to my personal relationship with social media. I no longer care to post cherished information like my future plans, my relationship involvements or family/friend time. Finding the line between being transparent and private hasn't been easy. I know the reason behind me getting as many followers as I have has been because I'm relatable. I enjoy giving others the "you are not alone" vibe, but a level of privacy is needed. Now I am more intentional about what I post. I remind myself that I don't have to post (or even take) a pic from every outing I go on or write everything I feel that day. The goal isn't to shut someone out, but to keep cherished things cherished. 

Taking social media breaks is another thing that was hard for me to deal with. I would feel guilty if I stopped posting on Instagram or my old blog. I would get worried that all my followers would leave and I'd have to start over. But truth is sometimes I don't feel like taking 80 pics just to post 1 or being bombarded with everyone else's problems. I had to learn that my followers who really look forward to me posting will have to be understanding that some days or even for a week I need to just go read a book or hang out without any cameras. There are also times when I want to post, but don't want to get sucked into scrolling; that's when scheduled posts are a blessings.

I would define my relationship with social media as a love/dislike situation. I love getting messages from people about how my posts inspired them. One time a girl I had never met before gave me the biggest hug and had real excitement about meeting me...ME. In a way it's therapeutic to know that sharing my life (that I often thing is boring) and my thoughts has impacted people even beyond my knowledge. I want to continue to do that so that means self-care is a must. Your brand is as healthy as you are.


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