Do You Want Your Life To Be Different Or Better?

life goals (4).png

I was having a conversation with a friend and he was saying that he wants different things in life. Different surroundings. Different people. For a split second I wanted to tell him that I agreed with him 100%. I also feel that I need to move away in order for me to further my growth as a person and accomplish goals. Be that as it may, I still can’t get with the idea of saying I want EVERYTHING to be different.

Different sounds nice on the surface, but as I look closer I know what I really want is a better life. Better and different aren’t mutually exclusive. I went to a coffee shop the other day that was different from Starbucks. I appreciated that it wasn’t as cold in there, the prices were lower and the overall set up for the place was nice. The coffee however was TRASH. Several packages of sugar and syrup couldn’t save it and I didn’t bother to drink it all. 

Sometimes when we yearn for something outside of our regularly programmed lives we welcome things in that are bad for us. We can become so mesmerized by a new surroundings, new personalities and new situations that we don’t pause to ask ourselves if this thing/person is attractive because of its newness or because it’s actually for us. You can move to a different state and hate it just as much. You can find a different person to be with and experience a different set of frustrating relationship problems. You can mess up the blessings you already have due to lack of appreciation and chasing after what’s new. Different doesn’t always solve your problems; sometimes it creates new ones or highlights that the real problem might be you.

Wanting better for yourself is better than just wanting something different because the possibilities are endless. Better is about improvement. That could mean improvement on how you view a certain thing. Our wants and needs change over time. You don’t always need something new, you might just need a new perspective. That can lead to you either learning to accept and appreciate what you already have or coming up with ideas to make what you already have better. When I first got the idea for Negus Graduate it was just okay, I sat on it for a year and now it’s better. I didn’t need a new idea, I needed to improve upon a vision I already had. And yes, better in some cases is different. Sometimes you do need to step across your comfort zone line or let go of dead situations.

When taking inventory of your life make sure you recognize the difference between things that you need to improve on and things you need a reset button for. I’ve been driving myself crazy for the last few months looking for a different job.This week I decided to focus on the steams of income I already have instead of searching for new ones and I was able to have some pretty nice pay offs. Want better for yourself and be open to receiving it no matter what form it arrives in.