3 Things To Do When Job Hunting Is Driving You Crazy

job hunting (2).png

Job hunting is like having a job minus the pay. Some days you’ll wake up, ready to win the day with your resume and power suit. Other days you’ll feel drained and disappointed from the lack of call backs, rejection emails and dwindling funds. I’ve had days when I was fed up with applying for jobs, but I couldn’t convince myself to log off Indeed. I felt like a break was for people who were tired after being on their feet for 8 hours and could afford their bills

It wasn’t until my best friend’s birthday dinner that I realized I was on an unhealthy path that was doing more harm than good. At that dinner I had time to talk about things other than jobs and money. I tried some new foods and had an overall change of scenery. After that weekend I felt rejuvenated and ready to go above and beyond my usual job hunting tactics. I also developed a few habits to keep me from going insane during the process.

Take a break – It is okay to take a break, as a matter of fact it’s healthy. Even if you’re low on funds you can go to a coffee shop to read or people watch. Sometimes I’d go to my fave stores just to walk around. Call up some friends and just chill. Taking a break doesn’t mean that you’re off focus. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and refocus to hit your target.

Get experience – Don’t wait for someone to give you a job to beef up your resume. Although I want to be a full-time entrepreneur I also am aware that if all else fails I want a resume full of notable accomplishes and not just job hopping from retail spots. You can beef your resume up by volunteering, freelancing, completing workshops and self-taught skills. Also change the way you look at things. Some small things that you might overlook might do wonders for your resume (your blog, your hobbies or your orgs).

Be open to different streams of income – There are tons of ways to make a viable stream of income and maybe being focused on just one is keeping you stuck. I envisioned myself either working as an assistant or within my field until I could become a full-time entrepreneur. One day I got so tired about being turning away due to my lack of experience that I decided to try paid internships. During the interview changes were made and I went from being a possible paid intern to a full-time contractor as a social media manager.  I’ve been out of school for a year and some change and have landed 3 work from home opportunities and yet to have a 9-5 position. I’m learning to embrace that maybe it was never meant for me to get a traditional job and to move forward with starting my business.

Job hunting is a beast, but don’t freak out. You’ve got this.  Make that money, don’t let it make you.