Why Going Overboard With Positive Thinking Can Cause More Problems

positive thinking (3).png

Having more positivity in your life is a beautiful thing. Negative thinking can weigh you down and lead to serious anxiety. But could it be possible to be too positive? Okay, maybe not too positive per se but being so positive the you don’t allow yourself to explore your other emotions and ignore reality.

Sometimes it feels as though you can’t even speak the truth without someone labeling you as a Debbie downer. I mentioned to someone that I was an introvert and her response was "Don't claim that. You have to stop speaking that on yourself." Ugh! Goodness, it’s like you can’t even speak facts without being shunned.

This has happened to me many times by different people and I’m starting to feel that people are going overboard. It’s nothing wrong with practicing self-care, but can we stop treating the less positive things in life like it’s Voldemort? I believe that negativity can be used to make a positive just like rainy days are needed for flowers; they help us grow.

I too am on a self-care journey which includes me being a more positive person, but it does not exclude dealing with my negative emotions. Working on building my business comes with many different emotions. Sometimes there is excitement, gratitude, and inspiration, but there are days that I feel nervous, sad and angry. When those negative emotions arise I allow myself to feel, but I also ask myself why. Allowing myself to feel negative emotions and exploring them gives me a chance to learn what triggers me and how to avoid or fix them when they arise.

One thing I’ve learned from dealing with negative experiences is I really hate when people change their minds after I’ve committed myself to the choice. I recognize that I’m also an indecisive person at times, but within reason. I hate being in very serious situations with someone and for them to change their minds and leaving me high and dry. Moving forward it has taught me to make sure that if I’m going into a big decision to make sure I verbalize this pet peeve and to pay attention to the person’s decision-making habits. Now that’s using a negative to get positive results in the future.

The world isn’t perfect and you’re going to experience not so great emotions. It isn’t fun, but not talking about them or being in denial will not help you. Know the different between overthinking all of the worst things that can happen or focusing only on bad part and just being honest. What you call being negative could just be an ugly truth.